OOTD: Graduation Day

Hey everyone! I am very excited to say that I am officially a college graduate! I truly can’t believe that I am done with school and that I am now starting a new chapter of my life. I wanted to share a part of that special day with you all, so in today’s blog post, I am doing a graduation ootd (outfit of the day)!

A couple months before graduation, I started thinking about the dress I wanted to wear for the big day. One day in particular, I just so happened to come across the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! It was advertised on Facebook, and it was from one of my favorite online stores, Lulus.com! I own a few dresses from this company, and I absolutely love them! I was showing my mom this amazing dress, and she offered to pay for half of it, which was very sweet of her (thank you momma)!

I absolutely LOVE this dress! As soon as I saw it, I knew it was very me! I am a major fan of midi dresses; I just think that they often look so classy and elegant, and I also got it in my favorite color (though it comes in red or white if pink is not your cup of tea)! I thought that the pastel pink would look really beautiful underneath my graduation gown, which was black. Purchasing a midi dress for graduation was a little risky because I did not want my dress to be longer than my graduation gown, and luckily it was the perfect length. I adore the crochet lace design of this dress, and it is extremely flattering on my body. While it can be considered a bodycon dress, I feel that it hugged me in all of the right places, and I felt very confident when wearing it!  I would recommend wearing nude or light pink undergarments because the dress is just a tiny bit see-through (nothing too terrible though). The dress has a sweetheart neckline, which I am a really big fan of, and a subtle cutout detailing around the waist. I really love the ruffles at the bottom of the dress because it makes the overall look even more feminine and flirty. We purchased this gorgeous dress for $80. It is called the “Briarwood Lace Ruffled Midi Dress”. Sadly, it has sold out, however there is a waitlist you can join, or you can give them your size and email for a restock! Also, new arrivals should be coming to the site very soon. I will link similar dresses here, here, here, and here. Some great sites to look on for crochet lace dresses are Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, or Missguided.

For my shoes, I decided to wear my short nude block heels. I love these shoes because they truly look great with any outfit and while they may look simple, they are very stylish as well. I feel that the nude complimented the dress perfectly. I actually did not wear these shoes during my graduation ceremony (only for lunch afterward). I wanted to be comfortable, and I had previously gotten blisters from walking around in these shoes for too long, so I did not want to risk it again. They are the perfect pair of heels for more relaxed and casual events. I bought these at Target last year, and they were $25. They are called the “Michaela Heels” by the brand A New Day. You can purchase them here!

I wanted my jewelry to be minimalistic for graduation day. I wore my infinity necklace that my loving boyfriend got me for Valentine’s Day! I love how pretty and dainty it is, and since he was not able to be there (due to our long-distance relationship), it made me feel closer to him, which I loved! I also wore my gold bar bracelet with our anniversary date on it. To complete the look, I went with a simple pair of diamond earrings.

After the ceremony, we went out to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Maggiano’s! I had such a wonderful day overall! I felt so loved and like I made my family, boyfriend, and friends proud! It was a very special day, and a milestone that I will never forget. I am so grateful! You can check out more photos from my graduation on my Instagram, @sacchere14! Thank you so much for reading!


Graduation Day Outfit Ideas + Tips

Hey everyone! It is that time of year when seniors are preparing to graduate. I will be graduating from my university on May 8th, and I could not be more thrilled! This exciting time has inspired me to create today’s blog post! I will be sharing five different graduation outfit ideas as well as some tips for the big day!

I am aware that different schools have unique and specific rules on what to wear and not to wear for graduation, so you can modify each of these outfits depending on said rules. I will be sharing some tips and advice throughout this post that can be extremely helpful so there are no wardrobe malfunctions or issues with your graduation cap!

Before getting into the outfits, I wanted to discuss the many different graduation cap and gown colors. For my high school graduation, my cap and gown was purple. For college, it is black. I would recommend sticking to neutral colors if your cap and gown are bright colors or pastels (red, purple, green, light blue, etc.). If it is white, you would want to stick with a light colored dress underneath (anything bright and/or patterns should be avoided). If it is black like mine, you pretty much can’t go wrong! You can go with something bold and fun, or simple and pretty. If your cap and gown is black, you can even wear one of your school colors underneath. I’ve also seen people match their tassel to their dress (if the tassel is a different color from the cap and gown). I will be doing an ootd (outfit of the day) for my own graduation dress, so be on the lookout for that soon!

Let’s get into the outfits!

Outfit #1:

This first dress is very feminine and pretty! I love pastel colors, and of course I had to go with pink! Mini dresses are always a great choice for graduation day, and I love that this one is so comfortable and cute! The little flower details add such a nice touch to an otherwise simple mini dress. Since this detail is minor, it will not be seen while the gown is over it. You want to avoid dresses with big/3D details so that your gown can flow seamlessly over your outfit underneath. For the shoes, I went with a pair of short nude block heels. These are very easy to walk in and they look very stylish as well. If you are required to wear closed-toe shoes, you can always opt for a pair of closed toe heels, ballet flats, or a nice pair of loafers. Try to keep the shoes dressy, even if you do choose to wear flats. Neutral colored shoes are often best as well, however this may depend on the cap and gown color.

Outfit #2:

This next outfit is all about the midi dress. I am such a major fan of midi dresses; I feel that they are often so classy and elegant. One thing to keep in mind is that your graduation gown is most likely going to reach your calves, so I would recommend trying on your desired dress with your gown or measuring the length of both to make sure that the dress does not go past the gown.  I chose to go with navy blue this time, and once again, the dress is very comfortable and I don’t feel constrained while wearing it. There is a subtle lace design all over this dress and it also has a cutout on the back, brought together with a bow. For the shoes, I chose to wear my black block heels; these are a little taller than my nude ones. Once again, if you would like to wear flats, you absolutely can, and think about the possibility of a closed-toe shoe (if needed).

Outfit #3:

White dresses are always a very popular choice for many graduates, and it looks amazing under every cap and gown color! There are a variety of styles out there, and there are so many affordable options! This is a great choice for anyone! I chose this white crochet lace dress. It is strapless, however I would not recommend this because there is a chance that it can slip down underneath your gown, so try to go with sleeves or straps instead! This is also a midi dress, but it is on the shorter side, so it works very well! I went with the same nude heels from the first outfit to complete the look. When I tried this dress on with my cap and gown, I could definitely see why the color is a popular choice; it looked stunning!

Outfit #4:

Next, I decided to go for something bold. For any of you ladies out there who have a black cap and gown, red is a fantastic and beautiful choice! It works even better if your school colors include red, however it would look great regardless. This mini dress is flowy and fun, and it has small cutouts right above the waist. The shape of this dress is also very flattering to any body type! I chose to go with black block heels for this look. I normally do not wear bright colors too often, however wearing red is a statement and it makes anyone feel and look confident!

Outfit #5:

Lastly, I changed things up a bit and went with a romper rather than a dress! Rompers can be very comfortable while still very stylish! The one pictured here is navy blue, with a unique v-notch neckline. This is also a strapless romper, however I am simply sharing an example and I don’t think strapless is the best choice (unless you are absolutely positive that it will stay up). This romper also looks like it can be a dress, which is one thing I really like about wearing them! If you want to show off a bit more leg after stepping off of the stage, something like this may be perfect for you! With this outfit, I went with a pair of silver peep toe heels. The heel of this shoe is pretty short, and they look very chic as well.

Before you walk across that stage, remember to…

  • Bobby pin your cap to your head

When I was graduating from high school, the teachers were giving the girls bobby pins so that our caps were not slipping around or falling off during the ceremony. This was such a great hack and it worked so well! If your cap is a lighter color, you may want to stick to a lighter colored bobby pin. If your cap is a darker color, stick to the darker bobby pins.

  • Use a safety pin to keep your chords in place

 If you have received a graduation chord or chords to wear for the big day, make sure to take a safety pin and poke a small hole through each chord and pin them to your gown at the back of your neck. By doing this, it will stop your chords from sliding to one side, and they will stay even for the entire ceremony! This was another great hack I learned at my high school graduation, and I was even helping some of the other girls with this!

  • Wear comfortable shoes

If you are not used to wearing heels, I highly recommend wearing flats to your graduation. Walking in heels can take some getting used to, and you do not want to trip or fall as you walk across the stage. If you are a pro and you wear heels all the time then I say go for it, however if you even question it, I would go for flats just to be on the safer (and more comfortable) side.

  • Wear sunscreen

I know this isn’t a fashion hack, but it is so important, especially if your graduation is going to be outdoors like mine. Even if the sun is not shining, you should be applying sunscreen. You can do this before applying your makeup, and this way you can protect your skin while you’re seated and waiting for your name to be called. Remind your friends and families who are coming to support you to do the same!

  • Make your lunch/dinner reservation

Also unrelated to fashion, but still important! If you are hoping to go out to eat after your ceremony, be sure to book your table in advance. Many places will get booked very quickly due to the fact that graduation ceremonies are typically held on the weekends and that every graduate will be eating out in the area as well.

I really hope that you found these tips helpful and that these outfit ideas have inspired you in some way! Remember to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your graduation day! Everything will go well, and you will look amazing! To my fellow 2021 graduates, I am wishing you the best on your journey going forward, and congratulations!

If you are interested, you can also check out my Instagram, @sacchere14 to see my latest reel wearing each of these outfits! Until next time!

OOTD: Spring is That You?

Hey everyone! Today I really wanted to share an outfit of the day. Spring is right around the corner, and it’s safe to say that this is my absolute favorite season for many reasons! The weather is gorgeous, the world around us is bright and vibrant with color again, and of course, spring fashion is always very exciting for me!

I am finally going to being posting some spring related content, starting with an outfit of the day! I have been looking forward to sharing this outfit with you all because I feel that it is perfect for this time of year! Where I live, it’s finally starting to get warmer, which I absolutely love! While spring may be a short season, you still have time to rock some spring fashion trends.

I recently bought this adorable dress from Ross, and I immediately knew that I wanted to center an outfit of the day around it! Ross is a very affordable place to shop, and I definitely recommend checking it out if you have one nearby. It is often compared to T.J. Maxx or Marshalls, and they have amazing prices on home décor, clothing, etc. I love this dress for many reasons. First, the pink/mauve color is beautiful for spring, and there are so many small details that make this dress so fun and girly. Any time I see big sleeves, I obsess over them, and when I picked up this dress, my reaction was no different. Sometimes, I love when trends make a comeback, and I now own a few items with big/puffy sleeves! Typically, bodycon dresses aren’t my favorite (I prefer flowy midi dresses for the most part), however I thought this one was very flattering on me. The belt at the waist is a very nice touch, and the zipper going down the front adds even more detail. I also really liked the sweetheart neckline with this dress because it gives it a feminine feel. The quality of this dress is decent, and I paid around $20 for it. Definitely be sure to check out your local Ross, and if this is unavailable to you, I will link dresses that are either similar or have similar characteristics here, here, and here.

As for the handbag, I decided to have a bit of fun! I normally prefer bags that are neutral, however, depending on the outfit, I think a pop of color can look great as well! For today’s look, I went with this bright yellow handbag. I love the floral detailing on the front, and all of the beautiful colors scream spring time! The shape of this bag is super cute and chic too. I thought that since the dress was all one color without any crazy designs or patterns, the bag would pair well with it! It can be worn as a crossbody, but with this dress, I liked it better as a handbag. Anything floral for the warmer months is always on trend and stylish, so I wanted to share a couple handbags that are gorgeous for the spring time! Click here, here, and here to check them out!

For my shoes, I went with a simple pair of nude block heels. I adore these shoes because they are so easy to style and wear, and they can be dressed up or down. They are perfect for spring and summer, and they can be found pretty much anywhere! I think every girl should own a pair of nude heels! I bought these in a size 8.5 at Target last year for around $25. You can purchase these heels here.

I wanted my jewelry to match the details on the dress, so I went with silver. My necklace was a sweet Valentine’s gift from my boyfriend Tom. The infinity symbol is special to us, and I just think that this necklace is so so beautiful (thank you baby)! For my earrings, I went with a pair of big silver hoops to complete the look!

That is all for my outfit of the day! Thank you so much for checking out today’s blog post! I am really excited for all of the content that I plan to share this season! Until next time!

How to Mix Styles: Feminine and Edgy

I was recently thinking about my own personal style and found that while many of the pieces I own are very feminine, I do own quite a few pieces that would be considered edgy as well. Many people like to stick to one style, however I really enjoy branching out and trying new things when it comes to fashion. I like to be a bit daring and bold with my outfit choices, and anyone who knows me never quite knows what to expect when I am getting ready.

Today, I thought it would be a fun idea to share some tips on how to mix different styles of clothing. You can mix and match outfits in so many different ways, but it was a fun challenge for myself to put these four looks together using both feminine and edgy pieces!

Outfit #1:

This first outfit is a bit more casual, and it can be worn for many different occasions. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of jeans, so I decided to go with my high-waisted straight leg jeans. If you’re going for more of a feminine look, I always feel that a lighter wash looks best, however the rips in this specific pair edge it up a bit! I went with a simple black ribbed tank and a funky patterned cardigan to go on top! The cardigan is truly a statement piece because of the cheetah print, the sparkle, and the material. It is super fun and it can spice up any casual look! I thought that my black pointed-toe ankle booties matched this look perfectly, and they are so comfortable and stylish! I think all neural looks are very chic, however adding a pop of color every now and then can look great as well! I added my pink Kate Spade crossbody bag, and I feel that it changed up the look completely! I think that silver accessories would go best with this outfit; it would match the hardware on the bag as well. It would be very nice to do some kind of updo like a low bun or a high pony tail for this look, and I would also want to create a makeup look that it a bit more dramatic, using liquid eyeliner and shimmer shadows.

Outfit #2:

Dresses are probably one of the most feminine pieces you can wear, and I practically live in them in the warmer months! While this dress is feminine due to the fit and the floral print, the colors make it more edgy.  I added a leather piece to this outfit, making it perfect for the rest of this season! This leather bomber jacket is one of my go-tos, and I just adore it! Since it is still a tiny bit chilly out, I went with my favorite black knee-high boots! I bought these a few years back and I still wear them very often! They’ll also keep your legs warm if you choose to wear dresses and skirts in the cooler months! (Tip: wear knee-high socks underneath the boots so they don’t slip. This will keep you extra warm as well!) For my accessories, I was so excited to style my new black cabby hat! I was never really a hat person until last year, and this might be my current favorite! These hats are just so cute and fun, and they add such a stylish look any outfit! For my hair, I would leave it natural (my hair is curly/wavy) and down so that the hat can stay on without any issues. I would also do a fun cat eye makeup look with a bright pink lip!

Outfit #3:

I think this outfit may be my favorite of the four! I had a vision of this look in my head, and I put it together in the hopes that it would look very stylish and chic. I started by styling a leather bralette with a black lightweight wrap coat (though it is more like a cardigan). This coat is a staple in my wardrobe because it can be paired with almost everything! I reach for it very often! (You can even swap out the coat for a nice longline blazer and it would still look incredible!) I then decided to make it a bit more feminine by pairing it with a gorgeous pair of lilac silk pants. There are slits that go from the knee to the ankle, making the pants flow as you walk, which almost looks angelic. These pants are also the perfect transition piece for winter-spring! I wasn’t sure if I’d like mixing the leather and silk, but I think it worked out beautifully in the end! For my shoes, I went with a simple pair of black block heels. They are so classic and they can be worn with most outfits! I used a diamond clip to pull back some strands of hair on one side, clipping it firmly to the back of my head. I would want to create a makeup look that is simple, by using a champagne shade on my lids and in my crease, and I would use one of my best lengthening mascaras to make my lashes very long. I would also do a neutral matte lip color!

Outfit #4:

This last look is a perfect t example of an outfit that is feminine and edgy! I decided to style this look around my leather pants!  This material will make any look instantly cool, and I believe that most people can pull it off well. Leather pants are also very trendy right now! I wanted to add a chic touch with my top, so I paired the bottoms with a long sleeved pink turtleneck. This instantly makes the outfit look more professional and put together. The color makes it much more feminine as well! For my shoes, I went with the same black pointed-toe ankle booties that I styled previously. I would consider these to be classy, and they complete the look perfectly! Sunglasses can always bring an air of mystery to the wearer, so I went with my black cat eye sunnies! The shape is very feminine as well. When it comes to jewelry, I would keep it simple. I think that some silver hoops would look very nice, and maybe a dainty silver bracelet. Also, I would keep the makeup pretty natural as well, focusing more on lightly defining my eyes with neutral shadows, and keeping the lips neutral yet shiny.



 Things such as jewelry, hats, shoes, or bags can really make or break an outfit! Think about what goes best with your outfit. You never want to go overboard with accessories, so try to keep it simple!

Think of feminine/edgy colors

Colors such as pink or purple are typically seen as feminine or girly, so these are great options! Or, you can think about different shades of the same color. Even pastel colors are very pretty and they can instantly bring some femininity back to any outfit. On the other hand, black, gray, and red can perfectly create an edgy look! Silver accessories are a nice touch with this style too!

Style around basic pieces

If you think about pieces that are more feminine, things like dresses or skirts may come to mind. If you start with a simple dress, you can add edgy accessories to go with it. Or, if you start with a black bodysuit, you can pair it with bright colored shoes or even a bold blazer to change things up!

It’s all in the details

Sometimes, just the material is enough! As you can see from my outfit examples, I mixed both leather and silk, and dark colors with light. Material such as silk and lace can create a beautiful feminine look whereas leather and velvet create a bold and edgy look. Also, little details such as bows, pearl/diamond accents, or ruffles can bring out your girly side. Studs, rips, or cutouts are much more daring!

I know that these four outfits that I shared today are better suited for winter, so after this post, I will share more spring related content (be on the lookout for that)! I hope you all enjoyed reading today’s blog post! I had so much fun putting these looks together, and challenging myself to create outfits that mix two completely different styles! I created a reel on my Instagram, @sacchere14, and I would appreciate it if you checked it out (it may help to see the outfits actually being worn)! Thank you so much for reading!

OOTD: Love, Love, Love

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day, no matter how you spent it! I hope that you showed love and appreciation, not only to those you care about, but to yourself as well! Today, I really wanted to share an ootd (outfit of the day) with you all, because I was so obsessed with my V-Day look! I went shopping recently, and fell in love with one item in particular, and I knew I had to center an ootd around it!

I am outspoken when it comes to self-love, and one of the simple, yet impactful ways that I practice self-love is by wearing clothing that makes me feel confident. Lately, for me, dressing up is a thing of the past because I spend almost every day at home, staying as safe as possible and trying to get by during this chaotic time in our world. It has been getting  a bit frustrating at times, but dressing up and looking nice (even if it is just for photos) is always fun and it puts me in a good mood!

When it comes to my style, I truly adore anything that looks professional, chic, or classy, and I have such a love for vintage inspired pieces!

Let’s start with my latest obsession: this gorgeous top! I am so in love with this shirt because it is the perfect mix of vintage and trendy/modern! I love anything pink, and I’ve been a big fan of puffy sleeves as well. There is so much detail in this top that I find stunning, such as the pearl accents, the lace, and the mesh sleeves! I have seen quite a few shirts like this lately, and I was so happy to get my hands on one! I bought this at Ross for $13.99! I love stores like Ross and T.J. Maxx because everything is very affordable yet stylish as well. Underneath, I thought about wearing a black strapless bra, but I ended up going with a bra that almost matched the color of the top perfectly. If I wanted to go for more of an edgy look, maybe then I would wear black, but I decided to keep it feminine this time.

If you would like to purchase this piece, I would definitely check out any Ross stores you have nearby, and if you are unable to do this, I will link tops that look similar here and here! These mesh sleeve tops are very on trend, so you can do a quick online search and there will be a variety of similar tops out there!

When I go shopping, I really like to think about what outfits I can create with the new pieces I buy. I rarely buy clothing without thinking it through anymore, but I actually struggled to come up with a pair of bottoms that I liked with this top! I thought about styling it with a pair of jeans, but that would have made the look a lot more casual. I ultimately decided that I wanted to look polished and put together, so I went with a nice pair of slim black pants. I bought these a while ago at Old Navy. I thought that they would be great for internships/work, and they are very comfortable! In my opinion, these are a staple piece that every girl should own! I don’t remember the exact name or price of these pants, however you can really find them anywhere and in a wide range of prices! I will link a couple similar pairs here and here!

If you have read most of my “What I Wear” blog posts, you have definitely seen these before! These are such classic shoes that again, I feel every girl should own! These are my go-to black block heels. There is a dainty buckle at the ankle, and they are the perfect height for me! I also love a chunky heel because they are much more comfortable to walk in, and yet they still look stylish. I bought these on Amazon a couple years ago for around $20-$30! You can purchase them here!

As for my jewelry, I decided to keep it minimal since the top already has the pearl accents. Of course, I had to wear my anniversary bracelet. I bought this bracelet on Etsy, and I was able to customize it through the seller as well! You can buy this bracelet here! This bracelet will always remind me of my love! I then chose to wear a new pair of earrings! I had been wanting these for a little while, but never bought them for myself. These earrings are so beautiful, and they are also super affordable. My mom ended up buying them and giving them to me as a gift at Christmas! You can purchase them here, or if you prefer studs, that is an option as well, just click here! The rhinestones can be either pink or blue! And lastly, I wore my two gold rings that I wear every day. They were my mothers but she let me have them when I was around 12 years old.

That is all for my Valentine’s ootd! I really didn’t have anywhere to go on this cold and rainy day, however I spent most of my day video chatting my boyfriend who lives almost 4,000 miles away! We got dressed up, watched a movie, and enjoyed our time spent together! It was a perfect first Valentine’s Day full of smiles, laughter, and so much love!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

How to Style Leather Pants

Have you ever seen a fashion trend and thought to yourself “I could never wear that” or “I wouldn’t know how to wear that”? Well, if you’ve ever had these thoughts about leather pants, allow me to help! Today, I will be sharing four different outfits styling the same pair of leather pants.

My sense of style is honestly all over the place, but I actually really like this about myself because I can be daring and bold one day, and feminine and or casual the next. It really depends on so many things (my mood, where I’m going, what the occasion is etc.). I never really thought that I would try out this trend, but when I saw these while shopping recently, I knew I had to get them! I purchased them on clearance from my local Target for $20 in a size 4 (I would say they fit true to size). They are the “Women’s High-Rise Belted Pleat Front Pants”.

They are a little bit pricier online, so if you have a Target near you, I would check it out to see what’s available! I bought mine in black, but you can also buy them in brown. I stopped to debate for a quick second, but I knew that black would go with my outfits best.

When I go shopping, I never pick out items randomly and style them later. I’m the kind of person who plans out different looks in my head while shopping. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten much better at answering this question: Am I actually going to wear this? Now, don’t get me wrong, I probably won’t be wearing leather pants very often, but once in a while, you have to try out something new!

Let’s discuss how I chose to style these pants!

Outfit #1: Casual

This may actually be my favorite look of the four! I know it is very laid-back, and normally I prefer something feminine and chic, but I really love the fact that the leather pants are a bold statement piece, and the rest of the outfit is very simple. For my top, I decided to go with a plain beige t-shirt. I loosely tucked it into my pants to make it seem like I effortlessly threw the outfit together. When picking out my shoes, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I went with my white Stan Smith Adidas. I love these shoes because they literally go with almost every outfit I choose to wear, and I like that they look more stylish rather than athletic. To finish off the look, I added a simple pair of black sunglasses. If I were to wear jewelry with this outfit, I would keep it minimal; maybe gold studs and a dainty bracelet.

Outfit #2: Edgy

For this outfit, I wanted to add a pop of color, while keeping the look cool. Red and black always look amazing and edgy together, so I went with a red crisscross-back bodysuit. When I wear bottoms that are high-waisted, I will always pair one of two tops with it: crop tops or tops that I can tuck into the bottoms. I just prefer doing this because to me, it looks more put together. I also chose to add a black wrap coat on top. The material is very light, so it won’t weigh you down, and I love that this piece is so versatile. It can be worn with so many outfits, and I think it goes perfectly with this look. For my shoes, I went with my black pointed toe ankle booties. I wear these so often in the fall and winter because they are not only very stylish and classy, but they are also very comfortable. I took the same black sunglasses from the previous outfit because this accessory can always add an air of mystery to anyone. I would say that silver jewelry would look best with this outfit as well. I would most likely wear some silver hoops and a dainty silver necklace.

Outfit #3: Classy

I really like this outfit because it is fun, but also classy and professional. I remember buying this top a couple years ago and I fell in love with it. It is a button down tie-front blouse. I really enjoy the look of collared tops once in a while, because again, it gives any outfit a professional vibe. I would even wear this outfit for a casual day out, unrelated to work or school! My favorite part? It has cute little teacups on it! The pastel colors in the print are beautiful, and I thought that this top would look great tucked into the leather pants! For my shoes, I went with the same black ankle booties from the previous outfit because I knew that they would be a great final touch! For my jewelry, I would want to keep it simple. I think that some pretty rhinestone earrings would look very nice. I wouldn’t want to go too crazy, so minimal jewelry for an outfit like this would probably be best!

Outfit #4: Chic

For the last outfit, I wanted to keep it neutral and chic. To pair with the leather pants, I chose a gray mock neck sweater. The material is not too thick or too light, so it would be comfortable to wear on cool fall and winter days. It is also somewhat cropped, so I didn’t really have to worry about tucking it in. On top, I threw on a gorgeous navy blue trench coat. A trench coat is such a classic piece, and they can instantly make any outfit more polished and put together. I went with navy blue because I do enjoy wearing color from time to time, but since it is neutral, it still went with the look I was going for. I recently bought these shoes and I’ve been so obsessed! They are color block pointed toe ankle boots and I feel that they completed the look perfectly! Lastly, I would wear a couple dainty gold bracelets and rings, and a nice pair of gold earrings.


  • Find what style works for you

Of course, you don’t have to buy this exact pair of pants that I bought. You can honestly find leather pants everywhere with a quick internet search or a browse at the mall. I prefer high-waisted bottoms, and sometimes I just like a baggier look, so that’s why I chose these. If you prefer something tighter, you can opt for leather leggings instead. There are so many different styles out there, so find what feels stylish, comfortable, and best for you!

  • Mix it up

Just because the leather pants are on the edgy side, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with that style. You can make leather pants look feminine or classy just by adding a couple simple pieces that you most likely already own!

  • All black

If this trend is really out of your comfort zone and you still aren’t sure how to style leather pants, go for an all black look. Wearing all black will always look very chic, and you don’t even have to put in a ton of effort to style anything! You can simply find a black top, black shoes, and maybe add some black accessories and that would be a very fashionable outfit! Fashion doesn’t always have to be so out there and crazy, and sometimes, you can make some outrageous trends wearable.

I hope that you found this blog post helpful, and remember: the trick to rocking any trend, is having the confidence to do so! Thank you so much for reading!

Be sure to check out my instagram @sacchere14, to check out a new reel that I created wearing each outfit! Also, I would love it if you would leave me a comment below, and tell me what you think of the leather pants trend!

OOTD: A Pop of Pink

Hey everyone! I am very excited to share today’s blog post with you all because it relates to fashion! Over the years, I’ve learned how to style clothing in my own way. I absolutely love planning outfits for any and all occasions, and it truly has become a passion of mine. Today, I am sharing an outfit that I recently put together!

I really didn’t have anywhere to go on this day, however this has been the case for almost a year now! I figured that I shouldn’t wait for any kind of special occasion, or let another gorgeous outfit go to waste! I haven’t been doing a ton of shopping for myself lately because I’ve been so focused on saving my money, however a few new items were added to my wardrobe thanks to loved ones at Christmas time! I thought it would be the perfect time to do an outfit of the day!

For my shirt, I chose a simple lettuce trim long sleeved top. It is black and ribbed with a mock neckline as well. I wouldn’t necessarily say it is cropped, but it still works perfectly with high-waisted bottoms. It can be dressed up or down, and styled in so many different ways. I’ve had this top for quite some time now, so I do not believe that it would be available anymore, and I apologize for that, however I am linking very similar ones that I found here and here!

Next, my newest pair of jeans! For a long time, I had such a love for skinny jeans. I had them in different colors and washes, and I wore them all the time. Well, last year I bought my first pair of straight leg jeans, and it’s safe to say that there is no going back! I am so in love with high-waisted straight leg jeans, and I now own a few different pairs! Although I haven’t been wearing jeans very often lately, I had to style these! I purchased these from Old Navy a couple months ago. I had never gotten jeans from Old Navy before, but I decided to try these out. These are the Sky-Hi Straight Leg Jeans (extra high rise + secret-slim pockets). I typically prefer a lighter wash, but I decided to go for something a little darker this time. These are perfect to wear for any casual occasion. What I love about high-waisted straight leg jeans is that they are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans, and they are flattering on everyone! These specific jeans are very easy to wear, and again: very comfortable (and even a tiny bit baggy on me in the front, which I’m not used to)! I couldn’t find this exact pair, so I will link similar ones here and here!

Since it is winter, layering up is important! It doesn’t get super cold where I live, and luckily on this day we had decent weather, so I threw on my favorite trench coat! I bought this from a store called “Pimkie” when I was in France last year! I knew I couldn’t leave without buying one, and this just so happened to be the perfect price and exactly my style! It is a lighter material, so it won’t necessarily keep you warm, but it is so stylish! Trench coats are such a classic piece, and you can really find them anywhere!

And now, for my newest obsession… THESE SHOES! If you haven’t heard of Just Fab, you’re missing out! I now own two pairs of shoes from this brand, and they are very trendy and so stunning! This is the “Kit Color Block Ankle Bootie” in the color “Black Multi” (it also comes in “Tan Multi”). These are definitely my new favorite pair of shoes! I love the colors on this shoe because they are neutral and they go so well together! It is also a pointed toe bootie, which I think looks very classy. I love wearing heels from time to time, however I am not a fan of the stiletto style, and I am terrified of falling! I love a chunky heel, and these aren’t too tall either, so they are perfect for me! I bought these in a size 8 ½. You can buy these shoes here! Also, I believe that you can get your first pair of shoes for $10 when you become a VIP member!

My other new obsession? My beautiful Kate Spade bag! I got this as a gift for Christmas, however I did pick it out, and I knew I would be receiving it. I was so eager to open this, and I am head over heels for it! I actually found this bag while browsing online one day, and when I saw the price and that it came from the actual brand, I jumped for joy! It was part of the “Surprise Sale”! I know that this is more of an affordable designer brand, but still, this was a big moment for me because I had never owned a designer bag before! It’s perfect because it is my favorite color, and it is just the right size to fit all of my essentials inside! This is the “Cameron Small Flap Crossbody Bag” in the color “Bright Peony”. The price actually did go up a bit from what we paid for it, but it is still very affordable, and you can purchase it here!

For my jewelry, I kept it pretty simple. Because the neckline of my top is a bit high, I chose to forego a necklace. Instead, I went with some adorable stud earrings and a dainty bar bracelet. The earrings are by Lauren Conrad and they are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I love elephants, so my mom got me these for Christmas! I normally prefer to wear dangly earrings, but I couldn’t refuse! My bracelet is very special to me because it includes a very important date. It is one of my favorite pieces because it because it reminds me of my love! I purchased it and got it customized on Etsy. And lastly, I wore my two gold rings that I wear every single day! Most of the time, I like to keep the metal of my jewelry consistent, so today that meant gold everything! I will include a link to purchase the earrings here!

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit of the day! I am so in love with my new pieces, and I had to share them with you! Thank you so much for reading!

How to Style Holiday Fashion Trends

Hey everyone! I am very excited for today’s blog post because I have always loved styling different outfits and planning what to wear for any and all occasions! Of course, celebrations may look a little different for us this year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress up and get festive (even if you aren’t going anywhere)! Today, I will be discussing some holiday fashion trends, and sharing tips on how to style them!


This is admittedly not my favorite trend, however it is a popular choice for the holidays! Something about this material does feel festive, and you really can dress this up or down. There are so many ways to rock this trend. For example, if you wore a simple white chiffon tank top paired with black denim and an emerald velvet blazer, this would make the perfect holiday event outfit that is professional yet trendy! Another idea would be to wear a gray oversized sweater, a royal blue velvet skirt, and some black ankle boots! Whatever your style may be, you can’t really go wrong with velvet for the holidays!

Try the “Women’s Long Sleeve Velvet Ruched Bodycon Dress” from Target ($25) or the “Velvet Puff Sleeve Top” from LOFT ($44.99).


This is a very fun trend for this time of year! Any time I shop around the holidays, I always find sequins everywhere I turn! I personally don’t wear sequins very often, and if I do it is typically for some kind of occasion. New Year’s Eve/Day is the perfect time to style this trend! If sequins are a bit too much for you, wearing something sparkly will look beautiful as well! For example, if you wanted to go all out this year, you can wear an all black sequined jumpsuit with some red heels to complete the look. This screams Christmas/New Years to me! A more toned down choice would be to wear a glitter tie waist wrap top and some slim black pants (or even denim). Although this trend can be intimidating at times, there are a variety of ways to wear it depending on your style and what you like!

Try the “Sequined Dress” from H&M ($34.99) or the “Midnight Sparkle Skater Dress” from Windsor ($18.97)

Sweater dress

If you prioritize comfort over anything else in your wardrobe, sweater dresses are a great option for you! You can style them to be more casual, or you can get really fancy too! A nice oversized, patterned sweater dress would look really cute with a simple pair of flats, or a fitted lace-up sweater dress with a pair of knee high boots would be another gorgeous option. I think sweater dresses can be perfect for girls with any type of style because they really can look feminine, sexy, or casual all depending on how you style it!

Try the “Women’s Long Sleeve Sweater Dress” from Target ($29.99) or the “Cable Knit Sweater Dress” from Forever 21 ($13.99)

Puffy sleeves

I am actually a big fan of the puffy sleeve look! I think it can give any look a vintage vibe, and it’s just a fun trend to wear! This is a trend that has been pretty popular lately, so it would make sense to wear it around the holidays! You can style this trend by wearing a pleated black maxi skirt, pointed toe booties, and a white puffy sleeved top. I have seen quite a few tops where the sleeves are sheer and the rest of the top is not. I think that this can be a very feminine and classy look, and so many people can pull it off!

Try the “Organza Puff Sleeve Top” from Express ($32) or the “Puff-Sleeve Wrap Top” from Forever 21 ($19.99)

Leather, satin, and fur

Who doesn’t love a nice leather jacket?! You really can’t go wrong with classic black and silver detailing. This would look amazing over a red dress, or you can use it to complete an all black look! Satin is always stunning around this time of year, so wearing a satin midi or maxi dress with a slit would be a bold and even sexy choice! A big fur coat can be an elegant and fun layering piece for winter! Although I do not own one, there are so many different styles and a wide price range for these as well!

Try the “Faux Leather Moto Jacket” from Forever 21 ($17.49), the “Ultimate Faux Leather Biker Jacket” from ASOS ($56), the “Satin Slip Midi Dress” from Nasty Gal ($28.80), and the “Women’s Faux Fur Jacket” from Target ($40)

Trench coat

A classic coat for fall and winter! I absolutely love wearing trench coats because they are so stylish and chic. I own a few different ones because there are so many options out there! For example, I own a white cropped trench that is perfect for layering on a cold winter day. I also have a long, light brown trench that is made of a thinner material and is a bit more classic. I love both for different reasons, but there are so many ways to wear these, and they come in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and patterns. These tend to be a bit pricey, but you can definitely find trench coats that are very affordable!

Try the “Women’s trench Coat – A New Day” from Target ($50)


I adore the look of pretty little embellishments on clothing, and what better time to style this trend than during the holidays? For me personally, I love the simple detailing of diamonds and pearls; I just feel like they add a feminine touch to any look! For example, a black long sleeved top with pearl detailing at the neckline would be a very nice touch! Or, diamond buttons on a flowy collared top is beautiful as well. Bows are another gorgeous touch, especially around Christmas, so a pussybow blouse would be a great option too!  If you aren’t a fan of these embellishments, you can incorporate some sparkle in your jewelry! This is the perfect way to complete any outfit. If you’re going for more of a casual look with your clothing, you can dress it up and have a bit of fun with accessories!

Try the “Women’s Holiday Loop and Pearl Cardigan Sweater” from Target ($19.59) or the “Jewel Embellished Top” from Macy’s ($20.99)

Nordic print and plaid

Around the holidays, you have probably seen a ton of sweaters or leggings with a very similar print on them. One of the most common holiday prints is Nordic (or that typical Christmas sweater print) and plaid. This trend can really be worn by anyone, and it instantly makes you feel very festive! A nice Nordic print or plaid sweater and jeans is a great look for laid-back events or gatherings. Another option is to wear a cozy sweater with some Christmas printed leggings! This is a very fun and casual look, and it can even be worn as pajamas!

Try the Reindeer Christmas Sweater from Walmart ($14.99) or the “Classic Plaid Flannel Shirt for Women” from Old Navy ($19.97)

And lastly, I wanted to include the top color trends for winter 2020! If you can incorporate any of these colors into your outfits this season, you will definitely be on trend!

Amber, sandstone, classic blue, brick, blue-green, magenta, olive, sleet, yellow-green, dusky pink, and samba.

You can also combine some of these trends to complete a look! If you wanted to wear a amber satin top with a bow at the neckline, that would be beautiful, or you can style a black leather skirt with a plaid sweater. There are so many options when it comes to holiday fashion trends!

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! I hope that you found it helpful, and that it gave you some inspiration for your holiday fashion! Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite holiday trend is!

What I Planned on Wearing in 2020 vs What I Actually Wore

2020 has been anything but normal, that’s for sure! As someone who loves shopping and fashion, I really enjoy planning out my outfits for different days/occasions/seasons etc. Well, in March, any plans I had went out the window! Today I wanted to share a fun blog post with the outfits I would have worn this year, but never got the chance to!

Outfit #1:

I really love looking put together, and adding a blazer to an outfit can instantly add a fresh and professional vibe. I really love that this outfit is completely neutral (black and gray), and I really like the windowpane pattern on the blazer! Underneath, I chose to style a simple black tank top and black skinny jeans. For my shoes, I went with a pair of black block heels. I feel that this look is professional yet stylish, and I would honestly wear this most places! This would be a perfect winter/fall outfit!

Outfit #2:

This look is my favorite out of all of them! I find it difficult to describe my personal style because I enjoy wearing so many different things, but for the most part, I love anything feminine and pretty. I love the bodysuit I chose for this outfit because it is both sexy and beautiful. The earthy florals against the white is stunning, and the back is all lace! I thought it would be nice to add a black wrap coat on top for cooler spring days! I love the material of this because it is super light, and it can be worn during any season! If you follow my fashion blogs, then you would recognize this piece (I wear it so often)! I then decided that I couldn’t go wrong with my favorite pair of jeans! These light blue ripped jeans are from PacSun! They are high-waisted and so comfortable! If you don’t own a pair of PacSun jeans, I highly recommend them! I went with a pair of short, nude block heels to complete the look!

Outfit #3:

This outfit would be perfect for those hot summer days! It is a very simple look, however anyone can rock it! This black bodysuit is something I reach for so often because it truly does go with everything, and I like the look of a tighter top tucked into loose bottoms. The paperbag shorts are adorable, and the pastel multicolored stripes are subtle, yet the colors are perfect for summer! For my shoes, I decided on the same nude block heels from the previous outfit. They are very comfortable and easy to walk in, however sneakers, sandals, or flip flops would be fine with this outfit too (this may depend on the style and color of shoes).

Outfit #4:

The last outfit is a bit more edgy and fun! I bought this gorgeous green dress while walking through the Latin Quarter in Paris earlier this year! I realized that there are so many ways to wear this dress. You can make it more feminine or you can go a bit bold. I decided on the latter for this look. I wanted to style this dress for fall, so I added a black leather jacket with gold detailing. A leather jacket instantly makes any outfit 10x cooler, and I really love this one! I thought that my black pointed toe ankle boots would be perfect, and that a pair of cat-eye sunglasses would complete the look beautifully!

And here is what I ended up wearing most days:

Since most of my year was spent at home, I ended up wearing very casual and comfortable clothes. This look is simple but cute, and it is an outfit that I wore very frequently! I bought this cropped tank top in four different colors (pink, baby blue, gray, and black), and I love them because they are so easy to throw on. I recently bought these capri pants on sale from Old Navy and I am actually obsessed with them! I love the pattern and the light fabric is perfect for warmer days. I lounge around in them often, but I would still go out with them on as well.

Although these outfits never really got to see the light of day, I guess there’s always next year! If that doesn’t work out, well, we’ll always have Instagram!

Thank you so much for reading! Leave me a comment and let me know which outfit is your favorite! Also, check out my Instagram @sacchere14 to see a new reel I created using these outfits!