How to Mix Styles: Feminine and Edgy

I was recently thinking about my own personal style and found that while many of the pieces I own are very feminine, I do own quite a few pieces that would be considered edgy as well. Many people like to stick to one style, however I really enjoy branching out and trying new things when it comes to fashion. I like to be a bit daring and bold with my outfit choices, and anyone who knows me never quite knows what to expect when I am getting ready.

Today, I thought it would be a fun idea to share some tips on how to mix different styles of clothing. You can mix and match outfits in so many different ways, but it was a fun challenge for myself to put these four looks together using both feminine and edgy pieces!

Outfit #1:

This first outfit is a bit more casual, and it can be worn for many different occasions. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of jeans, so I decided to go with my high-waisted straight leg jeans. If you’re going for more of a feminine look, I always feel that a lighter wash looks best, however the rips in this specific pair edge it up a bit! I went with a simple black ribbed tank and a funky patterned cardigan to go on top! The cardigan is truly a statement piece because of the cheetah print, the sparkle, and the material. It is super fun and it can spice up any casual look! I thought that my black pointed-toe ankle booties matched this look perfectly, and they are so comfortable and stylish! I think all neural looks are very chic, however adding a pop of color every now and then can look great as well! I added my pink Kate Spade crossbody bag, and I feel that it changed up the look completely! I think that silver accessories would go best with this outfit; it would match the hardware on the bag as well. It would be very nice to do some kind of updo like a low bun or a high pony tail for this look, and I would also want to create a makeup look that it a bit more dramatic, using liquid eyeliner and shimmer shadows.

Outfit #2:

Dresses are probably one of the most feminine pieces you can wear, and I practically live in them in the warmer months! While this dress is feminine due to the fit and the floral print, the colors make it more edgy.  I added a leather piece to this outfit, making it perfect for the rest of this season! This leather bomber jacket is one of my go-tos, and I just adore it! Since it is still a tiny bit chilly out, I went with my favorite black knee-high boots! I bought these a few years back and I still wear them very often! They’ll also keep your legs warm if you choose to wear dresses and skirts in the cooler months! (Tip: wear knee-high socks underneath the boots so they don’t slip. This will keep you extra warm as well!) For my accessories, I was so excited to style my new black cabby hat! I was never really a hat person until last year, and this might be my current favorite! These hats are just so cute and fun, and they add such a stylish look any outfit! For my hair, I would leave it natural (my hair is curly/wavy) and down so that the hat can stay on without any issues. I would also do a fun cat eye makeup look with a bright pink lip!

Outfit #3:

I think this outfit may be my favorite of the four! I had a vision of this look in my head, and I put it together in the hopes that it would look very stylish and chic. I started by styling a leather bralette with a black lightweight wrap coat (though it is more like a cardigan). This coat is a staple in my wardrobe because it can be paired with almost everything! I reach for it very often! (You can even swap out the coat for a nice longline blazer and it would still look incredible!) I then decided to make it a bit more feminine by pairing it with a gorgeous pair of lilac silk pants. There are slits that go from the knee to the ankle, making the pants flow as you walk, which almost looks angelic. These pants are also the perfect transition piece for winter-spring! I wasn’t sure if I’d like mixing the leather and silk, but I think it worked out beautifully in the end! For my shoes, I went with a simple pair of black block heels. They are so classic and they can be worn with most outfits! I used a diamond clip to pull back some strands of hair on one side, clipping it firmly to the back of my head. I would want to create a makeup look that is simple, by using a champagne shade on my lids and in my crease, and I would use one of my best lengthening mascaras to make my lashes very long. I would also do a neutral matte lip color!

Outfit #4:

This last look is a perfect t example of an outfit that is feminine and edgy! I decided to style this look around my leather pants!  This material will make any look instantly cool, and I believe that most people can pull it off well. Leather pants are also very trendy right now! I wanted to add a chic touch with my top, so I paired the bottoms with a long sleeved pink turtleneck. This instantly makes the outfit look more professional and put together. The color makes it much more feminine as well! For my shoes, I went with the same black pointed-toe ankle booties that I styled previously. I would consider these to be classy, and they complete the look perfectly! Sunglasses can always bring an air of mystery to the wearer, so I went with my black cat eye sunnies! The shape is very feminine as well. When it comes to jewelry, I would keep it simple. I think that some silver hoops would look very nice, and maybe a dainty silver bracelet. Also, I would keep the makeup pretty natural as well, focusing more on lightly defining my eyes with neutral shadows, and keeping the lips neutral yet shiny.



 Things such as jewelry, hats, shoes, or bags can really make or break an outfit! Think about what goes best with your outfit. You never want to go overboard with accessories, so try to keep it simple!

Think of feminine/edgy colors

Colors such as pink or purple are typically seen as feminine or girly, so these are great options! Or, you can think about different shades of the same color. Even pastel colors are very pretty and they can instantly bring some femininity back to any outfit. On the other hand, black, gray, and red can perfectly create an edgy look! Silver accessories are a nice touch with this style too!

Style around basic pieces

If you think about pieces that are more feminine, things like dresses or skirts may come to mind. If you start with a simple dress, you can add edgy accessories to go with it. Or, if you start with a black bodysuit, you can pair it with bright colored shoes or even a bold blazer to change things up!

It’s all in the details

Sometimes, just the material is enough! As you can see from my outfit examples, I mixed both leather and silk, and dark colors with light. Material such as silk and lace can create a beautiful feminine look whereas leather and velvet create a bold and edgy look. Also, little details such as bows, pearl/diamond accents, or ruffles can bring out your girly side. Studs, rips, or cutouts are much more daring!

I know that these four outfits that I shared today are better suited for winter, so after this post, I will share more spring related content (be on the lookout for that)! I hope you all enjoyed reading today’s blog post! I had so much fun putting these looks together, and challenging myself to create outfits that mix two completely different styles! I created a reel on my Instagram, @sacchere14, and I would appreciate it if you checked it out (it may help to see the outfits actually being worn)! Thank you so much for reading!

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