Updated Pamper Routine: February 2021

Hey everyone! Around this time last year, I posted my pamper routine. Well, some time has passed, and I’ve changed things up since this time last year! I’ve added a few new products to my routine, and even started doing a couple new things! I thought that this would be the perfect post to share today because it is February, and the month of love! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or if you’re single, you deserve to show yourself some love!

 In January, I made it a resolution of mine to have at least one pamper night during each week (but I do a lot of these things multiple times throughout the week, as you will read). Doing this can actually be a bit time consuming, but honestly, we all deserve time to take care of ourselves. Of course, it’s not all just about taking care of your physical appearance, but it definitely makes me feel more confident when I take some extra time to pamper my body. Remember that self-care is also about your mental and emotional health, and you should make sure to check in with yourself daily!

I love taking some time to pamper myself, so when I am able to, I like to take full advantage! As long as I don’t have too much work to do for my college courses, or if I am not too tired, then pampering myself is super enjoyable! My routine always starts in the shower (but first, I get my music ready)!

When I step into the shower, I like to start by washing my hair. I honestly change up my shampoos and conditioners pretty often, and I don’t have a specific product or brand to share when it comes to these two items. I like to really massage my shampoo into my scalp, and I take my time when doing so. Then I will wash out the shampoo and apply conditioner. I like to run a wide toothed comb through my hair while the conditioner sits because this makes it easier to detangle my hair (I wash my hair about twice a week)! Once my hair is tangle free, I will begin washing my body. I use a loofah and typically some Dove body wash, making sure to clean myself from head to toe. Then I will take my Dove bar soap and my Biore charcoal acne clearing cleanser to wash my face. After this, I will wash out my conditioner and apply the Artnaturals Argan Oil Hair Mask. I fell in love with this mask a couple years ago because it makes my hair so incredibly smooth and shiny and it smells amazing! I like to use hair masks once a week.

While the mask sits, I will grab a body scrub. Lately, I have been using the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs, and I chose the Tahitian Vanilla Bean scent! I only started exfoliating my body recently, but I feel like it really does make a difference, and it prepares the skin for shaving. I just use my hands and rub the body scrub in circles up and down my legs. (Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be exfoliating your body every day, but rather a couple times a week.) After washing it off, I’ll take my Tree Hut Moisturizing Shave Oil (also in the Tahitian Vanilla Bean scent) and apply this to the areas I want to shave. This shave oil is amazing! It leaves my skin so soft and smooth! I had only ever used shaving creams previously, but this is now my go-to product! I only heard one person rave about it, but they were so right! You should definitely try it out (thank me later)! Then I will take a clean razor and begin shaving, and afterward I like to rinse my body. Another new step that I’ve been incorporating is using a pumice stone! I don’t know why, but I never even thought to use one before! I think everyone, men or women, should use it! It can get rid of any dead skin, and it will make your feet smooth. I like to use this pretty much every night, but it would be ok to do it a few times a week too. Then I will finally rinse out my hair mask.

After this, my shower routine is complete, however there are a few more steps to my pamper routine! Once I’m out of the shower, I’ll dry off and use my CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser. I will then take my CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Eye Repair Cream and gently apply these products using my clean hands. Whenever I apply any product to my face, I like to be as gentle as possible (especially around the eyes). I also recently learned that you should apply your products onto the skin in an upward motion, rather than pulling the skin down. Sometimes I will use my rose quartz face roller by Grace & Stella. I will then take any body lotion (I have a few from Bath & Body Works that I am loving at the moment), and I will apply this to my legs. If you can’t tell, I really enjoy having smooth legs, though sadly it doesn’t last all that long. I also like to use coconut oil on any sensitive parts of my body that I shaved. I’ve really been enjoying lip scrubs lately, and I have the Vanilla Sugar Exfoliating Lip Scrub from Bath & Body Works that I use most often! I apply this scrub onto my lips in circular motions, and then use warm water to wash it off. This is a great step to include in your pamper routine because it removes any dead skin and keeps your lips feeling smooth! You can also apply chapstick afterward.

After this, I will usually cut my nails and care for my cuticles (if needed). Then, once in a while, if I am up to it, I will paint my toe nails. For the month of February, I decided to go with red to get in the V-Day mood! In the end, I’ll brush my teeth, use mouth wash, and floss before I head off to bed!

That’s all for my updated pamper routine! I hope that you all take a moment out of your days or weeks to take care of yourself, because it is so important! Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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