The Beauty of Vulnerability

I’ve always been someone who wears my heart on my sleeve. This has both helped me and hurt me in the past. I’m rarely afraid of being vulnerable. I love having deep and honest conversations with people because it allows us to open up, and that is when you really get to understand a person.

That is the beauty of vulnerability. You see the truth. Sadly, some people do not look at it the same way. Some people see vulnerability as a weakness. I’ve never looked at it that way though. I’ve always seen it as strength. Being able to show your emotions and tell people how you feel about them is beautiful. It takes strength, and it takes courage.

So many people would rather put on an act than to simply be themselves. I was never the type of person to do this though. I think that sharing my feelings has scared some people in the past. Some people are not used to so much transparency. I love forming relationships with people, and I have found that being honest and true is always worthwhile. No one can relate to perfection.

I’m not going to lie, being vulnerable, at least to some people, makes you a target. If you’re vulnerable, there is always a possibility of getting hurt. This is the tricky part. You need to be careful about who you let in to your life. You shouldn’t share everything with just anyone. Not everyone is going to stick around, and some people use your own vulnerability against you.

I often feel that I am very good at reading people. Even if my heart is telling me to look past the red flags, the voice in the back of my head is always there to tell me otherwise. One of the biggest lessons I’ve been learning is to trust my gut instincts about people. I don’t have very many friends, but I am lucky because I know that the ones I do have are true. I think that I come across as antisocial and sometimes even “stuck-up” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve had to learn to be careful about whom I share my personal life with, and while I think that it is sad that people must learn this in the first place, it is also smart.

Once you find your people, at least for me, opening up is easy. Being yourself is easy. Because if they are the right people, they are going to love you no matter what. I know that for some people, opening up can be really difficult. Maybe you’ve had a difficult past and you don’t like to talk about it. Maybe you’ve been hurt one too many times, and you don’t want to go through that pain ever again. Maybe you’ve seen people close to you get hurt after being vulnerable. Whatever it is, you can’t be afraid of being honest. You can’t be afraid of connecting with other people. It will only lead to a life with empty, meaningless connections. Life is so much more meaningful and beautiful when you allow yourself to be seen to the people that mean the most to you. If you find people who feel comfortable sharing their feelings with you, remember to be that person for them as well.

I’ve never been one who hides my emotions very well. If I am happy, you’re going to know it. If I am frustrated, you’re going to know it. And if I am sad, you’re definitely going to know it. Yes, I would describe myself as emotional, but I think that many people look at the word “emotional” and automatically associate it with being sad all the time. This however, is not the case for me. I am a very happy and positive person. I feel my emotions very deeply. I simply accept them. I talk about them. I write about them. It is so unhealthy to bottle up your feelings and keep them to yourself. It only hurts you in the end.

If you remember anything from this post, let it be that it is ok to be vulnerable, and you should never fear it. However, always be careful about the people you connect with. While people’s true intentions always show in the end, it’s better to be smart from the beginning.

I wanted to share this message to remind anyone and everyone that vulnerability isn’t something you should steer away from. If anything, vulnerability is what connects us. I hope that the next time you interact with someone, you open up, even if it’s just a little bit. Whether you’re sharing your favorite color or your deepest secrets, when it comes to those you love and trust most, allow yourself to be seen.

Thank you so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Vulnerability

  1. This article is beautiful and I’m glad that you took the time to write this blog. I have struggled with vulnerability my whole life because others reacted harshly when I expressed my vulnerable side. But slowly I’m getting over my fears of vulnerability and started to open up to people. Thanks Amanda Sacchere, for explaining the beauty of vulnerability. I hope you have a nice day and take care of yourself.

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment, it made my day! I love knowing that my words had an effect on you and your growth, and the way you are learning to open up is really beautiful and inspiring! I created this blog to inspire others, and even myself, to gain confidence and thrive in growth, so I really appreciate your comment! Thank you, and take care! 😊


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