The Bachelor S24E1 Recap + Predictions

If you have not watched episode 1 of The Bachelor (Peter’s season), go watch and then come back to read! I will be mentioning some spoilers ahead!

Who else is SO happy that The Bachelor is back?! I know many people dislike reality TV, and I understand, but this is one addictive show! I also know that a lot of it is dramatized and many of the relationships don’t end up working out, but it is still fun to watch! If you have not watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette, let me explain what the show is involves: first, there is ALWAYS a villain (sometimes there ends up being more than one). On at least one date, expect fireworks. On another date, expect a country music singer/band to appear. There may be times where both of these things occur on one date. Expect a ton of drama, tears, and wine, and lastly, understand that every season is just as dramatic as the last (even though Chris Harrison will try to convince you otherwise).

To be honest, Hannah’s season was not my favorite. I was hoping that the next bachelor would either be Peter or Mike. I think it would have been great for Mike to be the bachelor because I thought that he was charming and seemed to have the right intentions for being on the show. It was clear that he wanted to find love, but I wasn’t too disappointed that Peter was asked. I do think that the whole Bachelor franchise could try to diversify their casts a bit more. It’s crazy that just a couple of years ago we had the first black bachelorette!  The show has been around since 2002/2003 so it is definitely past due!

Let’s talk about this season! Since Peter is a pilot, tons of puns were being thrown around on night one and this was no surprise. I’m sure we are going to hear many more pilot jokes as well as more talk of the “windmill situation”.  I really like Peter because I feel like he is such a sweet and genuine guy.  I love that he has a close relationship with his family as well.

On night one, Peter met 30 women. A couple of the women who I believe stood out to Peter the most were Hannah Ann, Kelley, and Madison. I also think that these three are going to make it really far. He may even pick one of them. Throughout the first night, as expected, some of the women weren’t afraid to interrupt another woman’s time with Peter. This of course caused drama between a few of the girls, specifically Hannah Ann and Shiann. There was a pretty awkward conversation between them after Hannah Ann spoke to Peter three times. There was also some tension when it came to Kelley. I think the other girls felt a bit threatened when they found out that Peter had met Kelley before. Many of the women were incredibly bold and went in for a kiss on the first night! Hannah Ann ended up getting the first impression rose, which I definitely didn’t like but I saw it coming. At the end of the night, Victoria F. was incredibly worried about being sent home because she spent her time reminding Peter what she said when she walked out of the limo…yikes!

The next day started with a group date. The women went to learn some terms related to flying, and then they all tried out the gyroscope and completed an obstacle course. The prize? A mini date with Peter flying over the sunset. Toward the end, it was between Shiann and Kelley. Kelley ended up cheating and riding her bike straight through the course while Shainn was staying on track. Peter took Kelley on the plane ride, and the other girls were upset that Kelley cheated. Another awkward conversation came from this as well.

Madison got the first date and this was a pretty personal first date. She got to go to Peter’s house to watch his parents renew their vows. Any time a contestant meets the person’s family very quickly, I always try to put myself in their shoes. I can’t imagine meeting someone’s parents on a first date. I would feel incredibly nervous. Madison handled the situation well, and she seemed to get along with his mother. Toward the end of their date, she told Peter that she feels like she’s known him forever. They ended the date by SURPRISE, slow dancing to some live country music. I think that Madison is going to go far this season, but I don’t think she’ll be the one Peter chooses.

And now for some drama. After Peter met all of the women, one last person stepped out of the limo and that was Hannah Brown. I think it was most likely the producers who wanted her to come back to add some drama to the show, but I guess she was ok with making an appearance. She gave Peter back his wings that he gave her when they first met, and she wished him luck. We thought that would be the last of her, but then on the second group date, she came back.

This group date started in a very uncomfortable way for the girls and for Peter. Hannah was on stage and she shared a bit about her time in the windmill with Peter. To say that the other girls looked uncomfortable is an understatement. No one wanted to hear it. When we began to question where this date was going, Hannah explained that Peter and the girls were going to share a personal intimate story with a live audience. The episode ended before we got to hear any of these stories, but Hannah and Peter did have a private talk before it was over.

Hannah and Peter talked about their past relationship and the regrets that they had. Peter asked Hannah what she would say if he asked her to come back to the show, and although she hadn’t really given a clear answer, I do not believe she would come back. It seems that many people think Peter is going to end up with Hannah B., but I am not so sure. I think he will possibly pick one of women I mentioned earlier! I think that Peter needs to move on. It was obvious that he was not her first choice, and even though I understand that it takes time for that love to disappear, he deserves to be happy and to be with someone new.

I love going on Twitter to see what people are saying when I watch an episode. Whenever the show is on, it is always trending! I love when something awkward or crazy happens because everyone on Twitter goes wild posting hilarious gifs and tweets about it.

I plan on sharing a few recaps throughout the season. I won’t share one every single week because I feel like it would be too much, plus I have other exciting posts to share with you all! In these posts, I will go over the highlights and the biggest talking points! If you are a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, leave me a comment below and tell me what you thought of episode 1. Also, tell me your predictions! Thank you for reading!

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